Love is the saviour.

5:01 AM

So, I was editing right now. When am I not? Editing is life now! Anyway, So what I wondered was If I like what I see on the screen. Well, yeah..After this hair, A lot. haha! In fact I was editing an old video where I was wearing a bodycon dress too tight to breathe. I have no clue why I was wearing it, but I still liked how I styled it.

So…do I like what I see?

Then? A lot.

Now? A lot more.

Well, I am ageing quite well. No complains in that department. Only love !!

I take care of myself better at this age more than ever. When I don’t , It feels that clearly something isn’t right- Physically, Mentally or Emotionally !

Prerequisite to life are these two words: Self Love.

Most traumas have just one solution: Self Love.

It is the saviour and it is the solution. Self love has brought me out of the most traumatic times.

People try to search for a soulmate all their lives. They want a person to adore their unwanted parts (Those parts even which they hate about themselves) and some lucky ones like myself will meet soulmates in form of friends and lovers who’d love them for their worst features unstoppably.

So, I just tweeted this:

If you won’t like yourself, who will? And, even if someone else madly adores you, It wouldn’t matter because it’s impossible for someone to next to you 24/7 in adoration mode.

If you stay with an awful person who treats you like a piece of shit, Lack of self love will keep you in there. If you stay with the best person on earth who treats you like a queen/king, Lack of self love will make you treat them like shit.

You see ?

You wouldn’t fall in love with yourself when you’re at your fittest. You wouldn’t fall for yourself while you’re at your most successful. If you love yourself and you’re crying yourself to sleep each night, you would some night tell yourself, ” I don’t deserve this fcking shit! I need to fix this!” and you get up the next morning. If not the next, then next to next to next. But eventually, it pulls you out and makes you go into the fixing mode. And, that’s exactly when it happens, when it strikes-Thoughts like:

“I love how I work, I love how I am striving, I love how my body feels right now, I know this isn’t the perfect me but I will eventually reach my goal, I have been there before. It is possible. Wow ! Is this even me? I am a wonderful piece of art.”

If you don’t like your fixing phase, You wouldn’t like your destination either.

We all have parts about ourselves that we hate; For me, They were always my triceps or, how I can sometimes lose my cool, or how I can’t just wait and I want everything the same day I decide and plenty more.

Does that mean I dislike myself? Well, Maybe momentarily and I know for sure, it’s for 10 minutes.

Self Love is often confused with Selfishness. It is totally incorrect. One can be 100% compassionate towards others when he or she loves themselves (first).

FAQ: Epitome of self love is hazardous.

Answer: The more the merrier. For you and for the ones who love you.

How to love yourself?

Work within and gently rise above the loathe. Easier said than done. For some, it might be a tougher task. I am someone who becomes extremely uncomfortable when I start to dislike myself (Everyone does!) but I identify my triggers way early now, and mostly its when I am eating wrong or not eating at all, or when I am not working // lazing more for a longer period than usual. Or, when I’ve been rude to my mom. There are some triggers that I try to fix to instantly to feel better and that is a constant work.

There’s a time for everything and we really need to understand how to love ourselves while being in love with life and others who matter and the ones who don’t as well. Of course, You can’t expect to win at life when all you do is spill hate and compare your life away.

Well, Another topic for laters! Comparisons.

Talk Later !!! I have an important appointment tomorrow. It’s late zzz.

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