Welcoming the birthday month like..

I know this pandemic made me really cruel towards myself. I decided not to do that anymore.

I always used to have birthday month plans. So, it usually began a week before my birthday (August 13th). Like gifting myself one gift each day for 7 days, or taking myself out each day before the birthday when I eventually used to get so tired of celebrating. It usually used to start on the 7th of August each year, and this year because of Covid, I wouldn’t be able to take myself out a lot or travel this time *sobs*

Last year, I was having the time of my life in August. Apart from the daily dates and dressing up a week before my birthday, I went to Hong Kong/ Macao on the 16th.

I didn’t decide anything but the as August arrives, the energy shifts for me. It’s a rebirth each year followed my new aspirations, new self expectations, new goals, new realisations. I feel like 31st July of each year to me is like 31st January for the rest of the world. I feel so rejuvenated like a new cycle has begun. I want to anticipate ONLY the best now.


Yesterday, I went for a long hair treatment session at my favourite salon, (Yeah! where they take care of the safety- before you lecture me) and anyway how much are we going to stop ourselves? We require proper safety measures. We can NOT spend our lives stuck inside forever.


Other than a lower back breaking Keratin Treatment, I enjoyed half a Gulab Jamun and dozens of cookies. It was a real cheat day amid the quarantine. I wore my favourite shirt to the salon and ended up tweeting the whole time breaking my neck too. Shared a picture or two on twitter. Okay ! I shared a lot of them + The instagram stories + The live session that ended up being on my post. Sometimes, Social Media overwhelms me with its negatives but so many times, I love to share my happiness on the platform. Just one of those days.

Wore this dress after Feb. I took this one to Maldives, I love it.
I am not just happy on my birthday, I love love love birthdays.

Gosh ! I looked happy after long, and revived my confidence with my new hair.

I welcomed my birthday month while bidding one bastard of a month yesterday.

Also, I have another sitting left, Post which I can do a long post about my experience (2nd time this time).

I will now pray myself to sleep.

Much Love ❤

2 thoughts on “Welcoming the birthday month like..

  1. You made me realise how crucial it is to respect happiness and joy in life. You are such a blessing and a refreshing soul which actually lifts me when I am down to scale the new highs. From you I imbibed my lost smile and my ownself mentor. You have impacted me in an optimistic sanguine n a positive way.. your clarity in life is so very pristine I am just awestruck

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