Too many parallel lives.

I’ve been living a dual life for almost 4 years now. By that I mean, wearing many hats Professionally. Most of my readers know that I’m not just a regular blogger, but also a Language Trainer.

It sometimes becomes too demanding to both ‘work from home’ and ‘work at home’; spend time with the loved ones and back of the head care too much about professional life.

Amid all the mess and overthinking, we tend to mostly give in to Social Media and our guilty pleasures.

My routine during the lockdown has surprisingly been one of the busiest periods of my life. In interims, I’ve been shame eating.

[Got that word from one of the Netflix’s series called Schitt’s creek; another part of my messy routine.]

Shame eating /n/ /gerund/ – Emotional eating.

I wake up late, I sit with my family- We have our very own Card & Chai sessions, Safai Abhyaan (decluttering /reorganizing // also trying Vaastu), We all indulge in harmful eating sessions everyday, but we never forget our immunity boosting supplements.

I do the dishes and cook dinner daily.

I come back to my room by 12 am and that’s the time when my ‘Me- time’ begins unless I’m working on a project. Now between 12 am until the time I sleep; I’ve to do 4 more tasks including my work and shame eating again. Twitter’s and YouTube’s tab is always there on my system. While editing a video today, I was wondering how I’ve lost focus away from one part because back of my mind, I was overthinking about the other part.

Working for myself make me super nostalgic about my previous work place and the chilled out Me-time.

When I used to be on a break, I used to be on a break. I wasn’t overthinking about hundred million other things that Work from Home for my own self makes me do. It seems like overthinking is making me work 24/7 or at least whenever I’m up. I’ve become the worst boss and a very lethargic and disorganized employee of late.

It’s not been a gala ride tbh trying to turn off one button and switching on to another.

I’m grateful I’m busy doing nothing and overthinking everything during the lockdown days. No! Seriously I am thankful. I’ve got a lot of opportunities during the worst time for the world economically as well.

What I need to fix is- Being more organised and less lethargic. So, the point of writing this post was to find a solution that I already knew.

I’ve been writing on my blog daily before I hit the sack, but I’m not posting those.


I’m writing those kinds of things that people write and burn. 😄

So, how’s your work rolling ? Are you working from home? How are you taking charge of your parallel lives? How easy or difficult has it been?



Good night. 💛

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