The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this post are f*cking NOT fictitious.

Please find below a real phone conversation to the only person I can talk to for hours and hours. *inserts evil eye emoji*

Me: *excited* “Shaz, I found myself a treasure online.”

BFF- “You, yourself are a treasure.”

Me- “Yeah ! Thats what I found. An old blog, A writer that I used to be.”

BFF- “Ugh!”

Yes ! I found an old blog, the link to which I am not at all revealing because that’s where I decide to plagiarise my old articles from. They were gold, trust me !


Have you ever googled yourself?

I do it sometimes to only find silly things written about me that I haven’t even said while being interviewed. Its fun to read and think to yourself, “Ye Maine kab kaha?” , or maybe I forgot after I said them.

Today I went overboard searching, and found my old written clutter from 2014 which I plan to tweak and repost here.

Well ! I came across a link that said I created an online Jewellery store in 2014 (which had to shut down due to some personal problems.)

I told it to my BFF during our discourse. Let’s call him Shaz (he likes being a private part of my life and he will kill me after he reads this post as he hates attention.) and he is not just my friend..He is family. He is the most toxic part of my life. We are unhealthily inseparable, the epitome of codependence, the worst best friends forever ever.

Shaz: “You have done so much in life.”

Me: “Yeah ! I have and I didn’t get the kind of success I envisioned for myself. Should we really convince ourselves and label our experiences as achievements ?”

Shaz: “Success is overrated, Experiences are undervalued and those are all which matter.”




What do you think?

Is Success overrated? …because that’s what we keep chasing. Our own glorious idea of an achievement we call Success.


Write to me !!

Sealing with love ,



  1. Umm… Sonal you have been meticulously amazing while telling about the definition of success. Sometimes it’s indeed overrated but it’s more consentaneous to our own definition of success whether it is monetary or success of being elite or someone who gets all the attention day in day out… you worked hard to get your business run in 2014 n it didn’t work due to reasons best known to you but is that experience not part of your success which you got today. Also when I as a teen aspired of achieving something like wanna crack n exam or wanna get a good job I found with time that I am unable to define success with happiness. I did introspection and I asked myself y I am not happy however I have done a decent job working with an MNC like IBM n then getting into the govt sector that’s an achievement but that’s it . That flare was there for a moment n next day it all comes down to the people I got to work with. I realized I don’t have to search for happiness or success.. I just have to enjoy in present,respect those who value my presence n it’s alright to do things unconventionally taking into account that I shudnt hurt anyone.. thank you icon for doing this enrapturing work….

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