How I got my Twitter account back with the LAW OF ATTRACTION.🌟

Hey !

Missed me?

No way! I’m back so sooooon. πŸ˜›

So, a lot of y’all reading know that I lost my Twitter account for a lame and a legit bizarre reason.

I don’t want to repeat the story that doesn’t serve me any better currently. Plus it’s so not easy for everyone to understand.πŸ˜–

So, every damn thing was tried, tested and couldn’t fix the bug. Anddd…. a lot of people told me that I’m never getting it backπŸ˜’

Except one female from Twitter told me that sort of a same thing happened with her account and she stopped trying and after 3 months, ‘her Twitter account started to work like a charm itself.’

Whoa! I found a ray of hope β˜€οΈ! Thanks @Mizzling_Gaze. 🀍 I owe you!

So, I thought if it worked like a charm for her when she stopped caring, it should work for me as well but I’m not giving it 3 MONTHS. It has to be as soon as I stop caring. (Took me 3 days instead.)

A lot of you know that I’m a fervid follower of Law of attraction. Therefore, I decided to just ‘Let it be‘ and I created another account, filled it with love (obviously genuine!), And almost accepted that ‘this is it!’, the need is to release, and not care about the number game. I also would say to myself, “I love it as it is but it would be so so awesome if I get my previous and precious account back.”

So, I genuinely got busy tweeting from the new account and ((almost)) forgot about @herlavishhustle.

Few times, the thought of trying it again crossed my mind, but I whatevered the thought and felt extremely lazy to again log in from a different account. (So, I certainly stopped caring as much)

So, I was watching Tom & Jerry today while munching some junk and I felt completely at ease and I lazily typed in my old username and password.

Viola!!!! I RECEIVED THE CODE (That wasn’t happening for a damn month of whining and worrying and chasing.)

Hurriedly I tweeted:

I felt the entire ZOO in my stomach for a second. I wasn’t at all expecting it. Then, felt so blank for 3-4 minutes. A happy blank! ⚑

I lost my account on the 5th of May, 2020 and received it on 2nd June, 2020.πŸ™‹

Precisely, the procedure that needs to be followed:

Obviously try your luck.

Don’t chase it. (I was initially super stressed as Twitter is also a possible source of work for me.)

Ask for help. (So many people came forward especially : ioldmonk, Nirav, Bhumika, Kunal, Riddhi.) A biggg thank you.

Don’t obsess about the thing you desire or whine a lot.

Get busy and lazy about the process.

Feel good. (Cartoons and dog pictures help me)

That’s also my wallpaper. Omg!

Think about the possibility. (Mizzling Gaze gave me an evidence of possiblity.)

Shift focus. (Made the new account)

Feel awesome wherever you are. (Filled 🀍 in my temporary account.)

Viola ! Soul-ution. πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

Also, I’d like to add here that the day I lost my Twitter account, I was super negative about the negativity on Twitter. I was ranting about the rants. I was so annoying that it annoyed the hell out of myself😦.. and I was honestly wondering to delete the account (attracted it!!), so for two hours I deleted the app after instilling all sort of hate into it.

That’s how I figured it out. You can figure out anything with LOA as it’s always working; 24/7.

& NO! You can’t trick it. πŸ’«

Haha! It taught me a 28 days long lesson (a blessing in disguise: Read last para later + I’ve started to write on my blog as well). And Unless I truly appreciated the platform and followed the process, I couldn’t retrieve it.

I’m so excited to have it back πŸ’ƒ

Also, I’m coming up with a big announcement about something I’ve been working really hard on. So, I put all my energy in the month of May to learn something new.

Announcement once it’s done. 🀍

Love and light. Tell me if you like my LOA stories in the comment box. πŸ‘Ό

Wishing you a miraculous June ahead. ✌️

Sonal Arora 🌟✨

6 thoughts on “How I got my Twitter account back with the LAW OF ATTRACTION.🌟

  1. *happy dance*
    *Excited dance*


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