They say,

“Do something you love and you won’t have to work for a day in life.”

Well, in no mood to google it, but something like that !!

Recently, I filtered everything I was doing one by one;

Every possible connection , Unwanted thoughts, Unwanted energies, Unwanted projects, Unwanted flirty clients.

And breathed..

and tried to figure out amid the screeching silent solitude if I really have found a purpose. They say, ‘We all are born with one.’


I used to steal my mom’s dupatta while she used to be asleep and would drape it on my tiny waist like it was a Saree. Sometimes, I used to enact like my favourite teacher and sometimes, enacted the sanitary pads advert rolling one tissue paper and one handkerchief pouring water onto both and trying to prove a point to my imaginary audience (Not that I knew what sanitary pads were then!) Yeah ! I must be what? a four year old thief?

So, to my surprise, I followed my heart *touches wood* all those years and in one of my oldest treasures (teenage diary) I found an year back that talks about my ambition and At 13, I write ‘I aspire to inspire’

and I’m right here <fast forward a decade & some years> still doing the same thing and now, even better professionally.

I googled a lot of signs on the topic: “How to know if you’ve found your purpose.” and Glad, every damn sign matched. I didn’t even need those, just some reassurance on my gut. I am so blessed and lucky to be doing what I do, what I am born for.

I sometimes wonder if I manifested all of this through an illusionary audience, & also if I were an actress in my past life or some theatre artist (because back then we didn’t have instagram and bloggers).

+ plenty of non relatable thoughts.

Speaking of blogs, Wow !! It feels so good to be back and writing again. Nothing better than a night when its raining cats and dogs at 4:01 AM. I was meaning to do this since long.

Writing deffo heals me. Not that I don’t have friends who listen to me, but isn’t this a game changer? Certainly !

haha, See! You ask yourself questions here and answer them yourself. That is the magic and We are all made up of magic. Aren’t we ?

Another question.

Of course ! We are… ❤️

The last shoot before the lockdown

Signing off

Sonal Arora

Her Lavish Hustle

4 thoughts on “PURPOSE.

  1. There is so much of sanctity in your words…your way with words and the pragmatic experience which one can imbibe is the crux of a peaceful life.. I am absolutely awestruck with this blog…it’s mind-blowing..


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