What all to pack for a Sri Lanka Trip?

I went to Sri Lanka in 2018 (Haha ! Wow ! It’s 2020 now) but that doesn’t change the way you dress up there.

My luggage included all sort of clothes and shoes and it was ((As usual)) beyond the Baggage limit at the airport. That doesn’t have to happen to you.

So few things you MUST pack while traveling to this Island Country in South Asia are:

♥Bikinis + Shrugs// Shorts + Casual Tops.

Image Courtesy : Pinterest.

The beauty of beaches are too beautiful to be true in Sri Lanka. Enhance the beaches’ beauty with your charm and crochet Beach Wear.


People in Sri Lanka are as almost like Indians (Friendlier!). You may carry a beachwear or two (For Private beaches). You should carry shorts and Tees for a Public Beach.


Picture Courtesy- Pinterest

Sri Lanka is generally dress-worthy warm and Cotton and Tunic Dresses can be your go-to. The best time to visit the west and south coasts and hill country is from December to March, while the best weather on the east coast is from April/May to September.

Flip Flops and Sneakers.

I packed 2 extra heels for the holiday in Sri Lanka but I couldn’t wear any whether you travel the zoo ((Obviously ! You will have to walk a lot) or the beaches. Heels aren’t worth carrying unless you are a Pro at Cat walking in your high heels for 5-6 hours. Sri Lanka is all about exploration. Don’t forget to pack your pretty Bohemian pairs ((At least 4-5 depending on the duration of your trip))

Do add your most comfiest sneakers as there’s a lot to discover in Sri Lanka like Biking and Trekking. So, Do carry your sports shoes.

Sun Block and Sun Hat

The Sunlight is screeching at times, I visited Sri Lanka in September and a lot of the country’s parts were warmer with Sun rays peaking through the Car windows.

Picture Courtesy – Pinterest.

Add a scarf, a sun block and a Big Hat to your rescue ((Unless you love Tan))

Pendrive with your favourite Music.


Apart from your DSLR/ Epic iPhone Camera ((Pictures are a must !!)), Do Carry your Pendrive because on road trips, you would require that in your cab for sure. Cabbies generally do not know your language but you can torture them with your playlist or get tortured by theirs.

We spent 1/4th of our trip in the car. Carry a pen drive with your playlist as your phone’s battery wouldn’t last very long as the duration between one point to another is not as close as you think it is.

Light Weight Bags and Beach Bags

Keep it light ! You will always be on the go while on a Sri Lanka Trip.

Keep your attire, footwear and your bags light as air for a comfortable holiday. I couldn’t find a beach bag in India (Delhi- where I live) so I found one in Sri Lanka (Not too cheap).

Try to pack the essentials at home.

Picture Courtesy – Pinterest

Until next time, Have a safe trip ♥!

Your hustle girl

Sonal ♥

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