You have been walking an hour a day, signed up for the yoga class and taking your vitamins on time, and yet you’re unable to lose any weight.

You have been affirming with flamboyant wallpapers on your phone screen, and crying rivers as it’s just not coming to reality.

You have lost all hopes on the ‘Law of Attraction’ that works for everyone but you. You’re the one who feels lost and hopeless. You are almost giving up. Okay ! I’m not saying that you shouldn’t give up when you have tried enough. Before you proceed being a helpless loser all over again, maybe you should try reading this further.

Alright ! So ,I have been a constant advocate of Law of Attraction all these years. And boy! When I read my old diaries filled by the list of my unconsciously jotted desires have all come to life, I feel jitters each time. Even an year old desires. I am not even lying!!

So, I did a lot of research all these years as it was crazy difficult to understand how to make it work.. these might be few of the reasons why Law of Attraction never worked for you-


Whatever you chase, runs farther from you; whether it’s your cat or your dreams. Obsessing over your bucketlist brings resistance. To me, Faith has been the key. Letting go has been, Trusting the universe more than my own restricting beliefs has been. So, here are the three steps-


It sounds simple and it indeed is. It’s simpler than over complicating it by frowning and OBSESSING about things you want.

Universe works the same way like a genie on duty who works for million people. If you keep asking your subordinate questions like, “Is it even possible for you to do it ? How will you do it ? When will you do it?”

This person would rather like to get away from you and would only avoid you. You have to really treat Universe with love and gentleness and most importantly- TRUST.


Jealousy is a natural emotion sin. The more you look at others on Instagram and compare your life with them, the more you let negativity in. Reason- You aren’t grateful for what your life has to serve. You haven’t been counting your blessings. You haven’t been acknowledging enough of your green grass. Gratitude is an antonym of Envy.

I have written about my experience with keeping a journal many times on my Instagram as well as my blog.

Writing has helped me both heal and grow. It has made me the human I am today. I wouldn’t have known that LOA worked for me all these years because I used to write my vision and it kept coming true. The magic is always at work when you trust and let go.


You’re either doubtful about your abilities or you certainly lack self love at the moment. So, there will be days you’d love yourself and there will be days you would feel like destroying the mirror. The good news is SELF LOVE is a practice. You have to get up feeling great DELIBERATELY DAILY regardless of your situation. You have to win over it and take control.

Have you ever observed people who love themselves and life is always “fair” to them ? And then you wonder the reason of them being so happy is because their life rocks.

BREAKING NEWS- It is vice versa.

So basically .. life’s not unfair or fair to anyone. It’s constantly answering (mirroring) your frequency.

Tip – To raise your vibrations and get on a higher level FREQUENCY.

Watch your self talk. Love yourself now. Love your life now. Enjoy your life now with whatever resources or time available you have and in no time’d notice that person with a “fair life” was you all this while.😊

Thanks for reading.😍

Please let me know if you want to read more such stuff.


Hustle girl


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