How I deal with anxiety.

Anxiety is a natural response to stress especially related to an unknown consequence. For instance; meeting a bunch of people who you are not too fond of, an upcoming performance, a flight to be taken, separation, something as trivial as saying goodbye to someone, or saying ‘No’ to someone, waiting for someone.

For everyone, the trigger point differs. If you have been there since forever, you are quite aware of your triggers.

So basically, I keep the stress at bay. I try really hard to stay away from anything negative or toxic. Be it a selfish friend or a dramatic discussion with a family member. You may seek a professional help if it’s severe. Stress/Depression/Anxiety are things people can’t see and you might totally feel alone in your journey. You have to first understand that it’s totally normal to feel the triggers.

So here are few things I did.


For the first time, I was not going to the gym for weight loss, but to run away from my stress. Any kind of movement helps you treat your mental ailment. Also, it invokes Self-love which is the best remedy for stress.

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There’s one place where you feel amazing, I renovated my room and changed the furniture color, painted my favorite swing white. Pick a book or watch Netflix or just wonder in that corner you relax and unwind at. Light candles or use lavender essential oil where you sleep.

And then think about things that bother you, write them down and let the fears out.

Declutter your room and life. HIGH TIME !



Deliberately think positive. When everything fails, pick up a song/a video/a book/a journal that sparks your soul. Write down your blessings, Spend time with people who support you. There might be sometimes NO ONE for you. Go on solo dates (Even when you have a boyfriend/Girlfriend, Spend time with nature, Don’t think about that friend who didn’t help when it was your time. Everyone is not as selfless and as generous as you are. Look towards bigger rewards, Focus on the bigger picture. Feel good regardless. Get into a deeper space that eases you.

Image- Pinterest.


Affirmations for anxiety can have a calming effect during these times. They have always helped me.

Here are 6 affirmations for Anxiety.

  1. At this moment, I choose to release the past and look forward to the good that awaits me.
  2. With each new breath, I inhale strength and exhale fear. I am learning that it is safe for me to heal and grow.
  3. I choose to feel calm and peaceful. Everything is unfolding as it should.
  4. I choose to fill my mind with positive, nurturing, and healing thoughts.
  5. There are no mistakes, only lessons to be learned. I did the best I could.
  6. I feel amazing today. It is such a beautiful feeling to be alive.

(I created few of them and some of them are from google. Speak to existence whatever eases you.)

Apart from that I have a vision board where I paste my goals, Photos of places I want to be at, Notes around my mirror to feel better.


I admit that I don’t like to sit in a specific corner in some yoga asana and chant something, but some practices like burning a candle, playing some enticing music has healed me. While I light that candle or burn camphor once a day, I give out all my negativity out and start feeling cleansed instantly. If you can meditate without music and stuff, do it.

5% of your day can be dedicated to your mental peace.

Image- Pinterest.

Hope it helps you too.

Thank you for reading me.

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