One Yellow Kurti- Five Styles.

Hi Hustlers

So , the other day I bought this Kurti with very minute striped detail. I had to pick this up. It fitted so well. I had an itch to style it asap. Although, I am trying to create a video on these styles, however, the editor isn’t letting me and the error landed me to my blog site. It’s so good to be writing again.

Let’s talk about the looks.


First look- Dress it up.

I wore a pair of shorts (it’s not quite visible in the pictures) underneath my kurti because of it’s long slit. I wore a pair of sneakers with this look and a sleek belt to create a dress look.

Second look- The Denim Gem


I added a boyfriend jacket to the same look. It was a bit windy this day. So, why not !

Third- Formal Glimpse


Adding a pair of these green striped high pants and grey pumps made it appear ready for office look.


Fourth- Tuck it !!Tucked the kurti inside a long flared skirt, a small scarf and long tassled blue earrings. 

Fifth- Punjabi Patola


I folded a kurti to pair it with the Dhoti from only the front side. Curated this look with Juttis, Small Denim Waist Coat and some junk jewelry.

Kurtis are no more confined to the typical ethnic look. We can play around a lot with Kurtis.🙂

Kurti’s Brand – Huur.

Waist Coat- Rawg and MG.

Photographer- Manik Sharma.


Thanks for reading.

Tell me your favorite look.

Hustle Girl, Sonal💜

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