Lagging behind – Social media, A Rat Race.


Hi hustlers,

You think you’re unable to keep up with one of your famous friends on social media. You think you’re lagging behind because you didn’t get the grades you expected. You constantly play the blame game on your not-so-wealthy parents for not making you have everything your cousin has. There’s a battle between head and heart conflict over torn relationships. You get into the self pity mode for the lack of opportunities and “luck”.
You feel straggled because your classmates are leveling up.
Often times, we are too hard on ourselves that we forget about our little achievements, our beautiful parts, things that only we are gifted with.
We dwell on comparisons and past too much. We focus on big expectations from ourselves more than bigger blessings.
We forget how important heartbreaks are to grow.
We forget failures are just brickstones of experiences we are made up of.
We are afraid to let go. To be happy for others. To celebrate our own blessings.
We underestimate our talents because we try them twice and cry due to zero accomplishments.
Trust me, You’re enough. You’re doing your best, and it’s okay to goof up. It’s okay to have less followers than someone else (according to you less deserving) because not everyone is a Monroe. Some of us are made up of Hepburn souls.


Hustle girl.♥️

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