Ew ! So, you are a teacher| Series.

It’s getting colder by the day and it will be piercing and numbing cold in few days from now, yet I managed to wake up at 6 in the morning again like every other day of the week. .
Sometimes, I wonder how I don’t wake up grumpy or crotchety being a nocturnal creature.
A little anxious sometimes to perform the most important role of my life, yet it’s a constant pull ,and yet I am more than grateful.
I gave up a lot to be a trainer; my savings for CELTA, Left a course or two half-finished and a luxurious job that paid me extremely well few years ago.12.jpg
And I heard some unaware noises tell me, ‘you can always earn your bread and better with better job profiles.’, ‘This doesn’t befit your potential.’, ‘Ew! So, you are a teacher.’.
‘All those sacrifices to be here, why?’. Not their fault. .
They would hardly understand the feeling of an incredible place to be in, the place we come from -where only we have the ability to discern how it feels to transform someone’s life, to contrive wings on a lifeless soul, to help it face the world, to carve a niche for someone and to know how liberating it is to unconditionally liberate others. .
Photo- Manik Sharma.

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