Drown the dowry plague | Dahej ek deemak.

🚩‘Hume kuch nahi chahiye bass humare chhote bete ki medical fees bharni hai.’
🚩‘Perhaps you want your daughter to enjoy a luxurious life, only a car can do the job.’
🚩‘All other functions in the family occurred in a five star hotel..you know what I mean?’
You know what I mean?


These are few of the RED FLAGS of a family you are sending your daughter to.

And remember;
if you are succumbing to any of such demands, you are equally accountable to this hideous crime even (according the Indian law.) Save yourself from buying someone’s son and sending your beloved daughter to such a house where they are beggars in disguise of businessmen.
There have been a lot of deaths due to dowry in India, every 20 mins a girl dies due to the conflicts related to dowry. The more demands you fulfill the more you get her trapped
Your daughter will love you more than anything in the world, yet she is never treated as your own? At least, don’t send her to the death bed to highlight the truth of the term ‘paraayi’. .
She is NOT an object. She is NOT ‘samaan ke saath muft bride, NOT a child producing machine, NOT your salary, NOT your property. She is a human just like your son.
Treat her like one.
Give her a home, she deserves one amid all the ‘paraya dhan’ dilemma.
Treat her like a priceless gift, beyond the measures of any material wealth.

And, your son is NOT any good or service, STOP SELLING YOUR SON in lieu of a refrigerator or car, or next financial year onwards you will have to reflect him on your balance sheet.
: Manik Sharma

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