When I heard these 5 sex workers tell me their tragic tales.

Sara had lost her old job. She ran out of money, and decided to put an end to this misery considering her kids’ school fee were due, she added “I had no food in the fridge and the house had no electricity for the fridge to work.’ She was dragged into the human trafficking trap by a man who claimed she would give her a ‘reputed’ job. ‘He once got me drunk without my knowledge and since that night, I had no looking back, it’s a circle’
Meera, on the other hand, didn’t even know her massage parlor was a front for prostitution until after she got there, but soon took the pay raise that came with going the, uh, extra mile. ‘I once needed some money for my grandfather in hospital and asked for my payment in advance, and I was asked to go an extra mile’
Reena got a call for a modeling assignment. ‘Vivek told me that with my looks, I could make a lot of money by becoming a supermodel.’ I was escatic and I was asked to keep it a secret.
I lived alone in the city and was searching for work.
My fault was that I wanted to surprise my mom.
On one of the visits to his office I was brutally beaten up, raped and kidnapped for months and months until I gave up and worked for him. I was given some food and a lot of beating so as to function. ‘I somehow escaped by an NGO (one of my clients helped) but I still am horrified and living like a corpse back to my hometown. These eyes only see the flashes of my horrible past and not the dreams of future like a normal girl.’
Lata has a different tale, ‘He was about to be my husband. He gave me a ring too, I was innocent. I was um..20, After few months of our courtship, he walked me into a car and introduced me to a couple of men, like it was a playgroup. I didn’t know that was the last night I was seeing my fiance and it was the end to my normal life. Since then, I never could escape this obnoxious place they brought me in that night. She is 36 now and has a 8 year old daughter. With tears in her eyes, ‘I am afraid she will be pulled into this soon, I want her to study and achieve something good. She is my last hope of happiness.’
Zeenat was born in a brothel in Kolkata, She didn’t know about an ounce of detail about the world outside the small world she lived in where they were taught to dance and apply lipstick in a fragile age.
 We were happy until we got to know that we were fed only to be slaughtered into this trade.
Feel free to be grossed out by these stories if you want, but who’s the villain there? The client, for being disloyal to his wife? The society, for stigmatizing the urges to the point that a man has to break the law to satisfy himself? Or the poor girl who didn’t know what she is about to get herself into?
Society tends to blame the sex worker/ prostitutes and escorts, but why? Tends to see her as something dirty, but why?’
Maybe because the ‘The Customer Is Always Right.’

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