Top Five boss babe outfits of 2017

  1. Lady Gaga.


2017 was all about whites for me and I guess this diva adorned it so well on her petite body with wide-legged pants. It’s amazing how she accessorized it with a white hat, just like cherry on the cake.

2. Micah Gianneli.


This woman is not just any ordinary Australian fashion influencer, she is slicker than any blogger around. She has everything from her outfit to her photography and creative ideas on point.


3) Kim Kardashian



No matter how much she is criticized for that infamous tape or the long gone 72-days-marriage, no matter how much we bash her on the Paris robbery, few things can’t be taken away from her. She is a classy business woman and a fashion icon and according to me, no one does boss outfits like her.

4) Priyanka Chopra


Some women are lost in fire and some women like her are built from it, talking about our very own Miss World and much more, Priyanka Chopra, this outfit was a news few months back when she wore it for Met Gala 2017.

‘She rocks’ is an understatement and she definitely rocked this outfit like a BOSS !

5) Jennifer Lopez


Like I told you, I can never have enough of whites, we started with white and ending with one, her outfit has a bit of drama added with gold buttons and beautiful lacy top.

She is like wine, getting better everyday.

Why so perfect J Lo?


Let me know your favorite pick ?


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