Ruffling around ft Club factory.

HER LAVISH HUSTLE - SAKET (1 of 1)HER LAVISH HUSTLE - SAKET (1 of 1)-1HER LAVISH HUSTLE - SAKET (1 of 1)-68.jpgOutdoor17Outdoor13Outdoor5Outdoor2Outdoor1Outdoor11 (1)

This shoot has been a favorite so far. I was in a state of plight, I couldn’t just select the best few. It’s all about the incredible photography by Dipti Malhotra 

The top everyone’s asking about is from club factory, I have earlier written a post on them here. Also, most of my accessories these days are from the package they sent.

It is amazing how I am on the track I always dreamt to be on.

Today, I started the ‘she unstoppable’ feature on her lavish hustle, an initiative to spread the message across, the message that I always wanted to unfurl.

Let’s join hands to make India a country where all women are independent to take their own decisions, whether to be single or to marry early without the pressure of society and parents, to work or to pursue her passion, to wear as she pleases, to look as she covets and numerous other choices she restricts herself to opt for.

Let’s celebrate womanhood.

Thanks to the various entries coming in, send yours today on


Loads of love

Sonal Arora.



2 thoughts on “Ruffling around ft Club factory.

  1. Club factory is pretty good! I ordered some accessories from them after reading your review in a previous post. Good stuff and so inexpensive!


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