You are astounding.

You are Astounding!

You might be overweight or undersized

May be too tall or could have a short height

Probably not so fair

Or have short hair

No matter who you think you are

Whether a brainy or a failure

Whether an affable or a demure

But you are worthier than you think you are

More than your age

More than your wage

More than the guys who have had you

More than the people who have disparaged you

Your worth surpasses all earthly things

Because the reality is

You are Smart,beautiful and unique

Have more strength than what people perceive

Never too much and always enough

Worthy of all you deserve

To tell what you are really

Words would justify barely

You are the most stunning of all god’s creation

You know the art of procreation

In this world of Tartuffe You are true blue bod

But above all Daughter of living god

“Yes,you are astoundingly awesome. Women who just read these lines

Women who published it

Women who wrote it

Women whom the lines have been dedicated to

And to all the women in the world”

– Jasmeen Kaur
About the Author
Jasmeen is an aspiring girl boss who covets having her own empire one day. She believes in feminism and firmly vocalizes her viewpoints towards the world. She says: ‘how world perceive a woman’s strength needs to be altered.’

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