Types of co-workers | Office humor

We have seen them, we have been them, we have all worked with them.

Ego inflators


‘I got 4 job offers this month’

‘I was the student of the year every damn year at school.’

‘ I am atleast a little bit educated in every single field of life.’

‘Roma’s boyfriend has a crush on me, so does she :D’

“AND I AM A BRAGGER !” said no bragger ever.

So, you might have encountered this insecure one, the one who has these traits is not as great as much he talks about himself to prove a point, his intention is to big himself up and inflate his/her ego but inside their bodies, resides a noisy little chicken desperate to come out.

Everything about them is annoying and fake !

The Grumbler


You want to start your morning with a nice warm mug of coffee with some cubes of sugar and gratitude and a fresh scent of the pages of newspaper, however, you will hear this one person merely bemoaning about problems and you would never hear a word of solution from them.

The Know-it-all


This person can be a friend, a family member or a colleague, it can be you too.

A person who acts as though he/she knows everything and over-tweets and disapproves the ideas, opinions, comments and/or suggestions of others, but kind of use them later under the corporate veil. They know everything except the fact that they are one.

That’s a neck !!

The gossip monger


They live for the office scandal regardless of whether it is true or not. Most importantly Gossiping is fun, but strictly to be kept out of the workplace as it creates all kinds of issues.

And these days,  finding  a man who treats gossiping as a second job can be really funny.

The food thief

manager eating unhealthy food at work place

He can spot your lunchbox a mile away. You spent hours on working on that lunch-box  last night, and this one will snatch all your glory in just FIVE MINUTES !

NO FOOD IS SAFE around him.

The non-bitch.


The poor thing is dragged everywhere but is only trying to do her job. Always the first one to show up at the office and last one to leave. The anti-social colleague who people dislike because all she does is eats, sleeps, works, repeat and basically doesn’t wish to be involved in any of the above categories.

While her go-getter attitude can seem exhausting , this ambition machine thrive on success.


Have you encountered any one of them? Which one are you?

Hope you enjoyed this piece xo



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