Bossy or a boss ?




I read and hear people’s views a lot on on how independently strong women are becoming and as much as I love the feeling, there are some nincompoops who continue to disappoint my exhilaration.

For instance, a chap of my age today mentioned to me at work, ‘Females work these days to avoid sitting at home (he meant, husband’s home) and do the chores.’

BOO ! the world has moved forward, my dear, and the issue is much deeper than what a petty-minded maniac like you thinks.

Women represent 50 percent of the population and perform 66 percent of the world’s   labor, but they earn only 10 percent of the income and own just 1 percent of global goods and property. And while it’s tempting to think that the modern world has changed all that, we must not be seduced into self approbation.

There is strong evidence to suggest that having women in  leadership positions in representative numbers would go a long way toward relieving many of the world’s ills including running a country, in-fact, who run the world? *Insert Beyonce’s moves* and now that they have realized their potential, you guys are offended? you guys want to label us?

But you’ll find no cat-fight here and nor there’s a war between the sexes.

Being a boss female simply means you have amazing capabilities to achieve your passion, on the other hand, being ‘bossy’ can be connoted towards any human being (not just women), just because women were always perceived and accepted better as an emotional and a fragile specie, it is hard to digest that she can be a bad-ass leader too. Sorry, but the time has changed. According to me, neither of the terms (say traits) are bad but the elucidations are different.

One being a killer mentor, another being a dreamer who takes charge of her life, Amidst that, if anyone is offended. Be it !

These terms publicly give girls more attention and empower them to fully realize their potential. Don’t you think it is long overdue and sorely needed. It’s a win-win for us.

Girls are called “bossy” in much the same way that women are called “assertive” – the term is often used to mean aggressive, bitchy, insert-your-negative-adjective-here – not consistent with the real meaning of assertive. Why only use this term for women anyway, Are men in the world less dominating? It’ just a human trait that anyone can have.

No matter what they call us, it’s high time we shine, no matter who bans the term ‘bossy’ or get offended by it and despite a significant disparity in the number of male and female corporate leaders nationwide, we’re continually inspired by the women leaders as we need them more to confidently carry the flag for trailblazing their businesses and superior corporate positions and boldly bucking the system.


Thank you all the women- bossy, boss, leader, dominating, insert another favorite adjective here. Doesn’t matter. Our time is here.



Sonal Arora.


One thought on “Bossy or a boss ?

  1. If we look deeper, we always find a way to pull women down. If she decides to be a home maker, she is ambition less and if she decides to work, she does not care for family or is running from the chores.

    Who the fuck said that chores are a woman’s duty?


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