Her hustle story.

A couple of days ago, I had this hustle story contest started  (which is still on), I have received quite a few pieces, out of which, this inspired me a lot.



Enshrouded Aspirations

Impeccable her grades were

Placement promise college  gave her,

She adored her degree

And wanted to flee

All days of hard work she well remembered

Thought that her parents would be enraptured

Returning home she witnessed air of melancholy

She’s crossed twenty and had none to marry

Not so fair and too curvy

Aforesaid was the reason of agony

She asked what they wanted

She asked what she lacked

“Get married” they replied

Hearing which she felt that old familiar ache again

Judgment and rejection gave her pain

But To make her parents proud

She made her aspirations enshroud

Written by – Jasmeen Kaur 

Jasmeen is an aspiring girl boss who covets having her own empire one day. She believes in feminism and firmly vocalizes her viewpoints towards the world. She says: ‘how world perceive a woman’s strength needs to be altered.’

Proud of you, Jasmeen

So, what’s you hustle story?

Until next time

Sonal ♡


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