An unbelievably priced online store- Club Factory.

I was stunned to discover the club factory app few days ago, I received a lot of gifts this August as it was my birthday month. Among the favorite gifts I received, I adored this big gift package that came. Although,  there were many pieces that I’d like to share, but let’s just stick to a few of them for now, Also, sequels are quite a trend these days.

I’ve observed the benefits of purchasing pieces from this app and it comes with a 2-in-one benefit- superb quality and low-cost, a rare combination to believe!  When I see their products online, I picture them being worn with one of my outfits already, they can be worn to work, a day out or parties, they have a varied options and categories available, and just so how they look in reality.

To begin with, this pastel colored bag:


The possibilities are endless to use this piece, I someday wish to wear this with a mono colored sundress and use it as a pop prop, it is absolutely chic and cute at the same time.

It comes with a sling, but I like it better this way.

Estimate: Rs 600/-

Nothing beats an all gold look these ! Together worn, they give a cool look against the chic outfits, both excellent and ready-to-wear. Along with this ring, I bought few of these sleek gold bracelets to align with the watch, which complimented my look in the previous post.

The heart charm bracelet is only for 47/-


About this necklace,  Let’s start with the fact that it has contrasting metals in white and grey. The design is also pretty amazing, and the white embedded stones really play it off wonderfully. I like this stunner and the fact that it only costs 148/-, Can you believe?




The only kind of  stars I like are only the ones studded in the earrings! I don’t know if you like cute little studs or not but I am quite a fan of comfortable earrings–look how cute they are, and the price is astonishingly low, it is just 67/- with a pretty good quality.



I love when a non living narrates a story so beautiful. There are four layers in this necklace in total, the style of the neck piece has never been more on-trend, quality is as good as the much costlier versions of other layered ones I own.  Did I tell you? I am a fan of layered necklaces.

Price- 81/-




You’re not tired of seeing bohemian-themed things these days, are you? Because trust me, you’re going to want to see this one.


With mid-wings you feel the world is in your hands for until you wear them.





I loved the quality of all the pieces in the package, so I decided to shop more from club factory, I have a huge list already. Go download the app today ! You don’t want to miss it !


But, before you move forward, there’s a coupon code from my end as a gift to you guys –> 3666691 , you can use this to get further discount of 5%, Use it asap ! 

If you are unable to find the items above, I could help you find a few of them, use these codes in the search bar of the app:

White necklace: JNE000418093N

Heart Charm Bracelet: JBR0000038815

Boho mid rings: JRI000127074N

Once upon a time necklace: JNE000126869N

The only downside is that the delivery on a little higher side if you purchase a thing or two,  and they take a little while to deliver, but I guess, it’s worth the wait. 


Photos- Manik Sharma (icoonist)


Love ya ♡




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