Hustle tales.. Chapter 1

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Comfy, chic & over sized Shirt- Wills Lifestyle | Jeans- LYOS |Watch -Anouk | Neckpiece: gift | Other bracelets/earrings- Club factory.|Bag & Shades: Shoppers Stop | Shoes: Jabong | The irate look on the face: Delhi’s humidity.

Photos by Manik Sharma (@icoonist on instagram)


I am the laziest person you’d ever meet. ‘ya ! well…look at the name of her blog and..’

before you proceed, we all have some crucial obstacles towards our destination, and I sin, my sin is sloth, my sin is gluttony, my sin is anger. I am the most effing lethargic person on the planet, and that’s the reason, I get zoned out at the best of parties, even at my own, could be one of my several hormonal issues , you never know !

Today, I had one of the most difficult shoots ever and I threw temper tantrums on people passing by, and my photographer said, ‘we could have worse conditions than these to shoot.’ to which my reply was ‘that won’t be today, right.’ I was about to purge all my anger at him for the 100th time today and we had to wind up.


So, here I am, regretting and not regretting, both on and off, trying to think a better way out of this. I am camera shy, I don’t like people staring, I hate them but that’s the part of what I love, I can not ignore the parts of it. I love to shoot, so I have to love the discomfort involved in it. I hate ‘that kind of attention’, I like peace at work, things to be done right in time, everything set up right in advance, everyone on the same page.

But the good news is, I am getting used to it. All the unwanted attention, noise and drama. and I wish it just goes away as soon as I click the ‘publish’ button for this post.

Well , Just a part of the hustle ♡

By the way, we also have shoots where we get to meet fun, amazing and supportive people. I have had the best of my time during shoots, like the one I just posted.

♡ Grateful for that ♡


Thanks for rant-reading.

Sonal Arora ♡

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