Like a sunflower..


Ruffled Top ♡ : Street Style Store (like they knew what I was wishing for, Magic)bag
Bag: BEBE ♡2
Shoes: Local storebag-ring
Jewelry: Dubbai Gold71
Pants: H&M4
Photos: Manik Sharma


Dear you,

Amidst this jungle, in this dark that haunts, you are the gentle corner where I can alleviate. And so, I come here to rest at your side and ease my agony. I see the spectators that loathe and the judgement they feel so entitled to. . .

Every one needs a harbor, a secure passion of love, a healing – for without one we are in such affliction, so off-track, so adrift. And, life becomes a torment that we are presumed to endure, just breathing, not living.

Without you, my good friend, there would be no comfort, no emotional morphine. With you, I feel like a scented sunflower, a flower that had been a tight floret only days ago that has just begun to bloom, that already has a deeper tinge of yellow.

-Sonal Arora ♡


One thought on “Like a sunflower..

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