Checkered shade and a little sunshine






LRM_EXPORT_20170720_233808.jpgShoes: gift | Bag: Online | I don’t wear a lot of jewelry when it’s this hot anddd <Less is more>| Outfit: Saffaras | Sunglasses: Fahrenheit


So, this was the last week of July, One of those days when the perspiration would surface on your forehead, your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, and run in rivulets down your face until you become saturated, I chose a light outfit.

I got this set from Sassafras, they have some cool stuff on their site, they had some crazy discounts on. I am a fan of overalls these days.

We shot this after my day shift which gets over much quicker than you can imagine, and also because that’s just not what I do, someone once told me, ‘Never have one income.’ and I totally swallowed that fact to be honest.

And, before anything else, let me thank you for your response and love on my previous posts.

Believe me, I can never thank you enough on that. I have been working harder on the upcoming shoots and I’ve been working for 14 hours at a stretch today, I hope I don’t get burned out.

Now, I need to fuel myself with something to eat . Never ever neglect your food. Don’t be like ‘casual Sonal’. Be like the ‘occasional Sonal’ who knows what she should be doing.

See you around.

Love Love and more love

Sonal x

Photos by Ankit Arora


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