Who is my inspiration?

Dressed up like a tramp right now, sipping from a mug of green tea which doesn’t really taste as amazing as they say the results are, however, if you are like me, you are just having it daily in an ache to shed those extra pounds those which took half of my life to go away,

I have the longest journey of weight issues, it was so terrible that I am embarrassed to share pictures from those days, but now that I have started to write the blog, I took an oath to be 100% honest with everything and everybody, especially my readers.

I believe having a set of values is mandatory, not just during a convenient juncture, but throughout our journey, and honesty sits on the throne on my list which I always follow no matter how hard it is, although I had my share of ups and downs where I had lied quite a few times to the most important people in my life and I until today regret those decisions, but, with the blog, no excuses, only the truth shall be spoken.

So, this is my 467th attempt to write a blog and yet another oath is to remain consistent. It’s not just a blog, it is my excuse to reach people who need an example of a journey of a once aimless and unavailing person who didn’t know what to do with her life.

It took me half of my youth to realize not just what I really want, but, who I really want to be.

When I see few of my female trainees who are so young and yet so focused, practical in their approach and extremely familiar with themselves and are definitely level headed, I feel super duper proud of them to have reached the point already where they unlike me didn’t have to change multiple careers and eventually decide where they really wish to land in their journeys.

I feel inspired by the women around who don’t want anyone, let alone a man to assure who they are or depend on anyone for their progress and happiness, who move with head held high and never sacrifice their set of values for anything, the ones who hold their self love and respect above anyone around.

Thanks for always inspiring me.

On the other hand, I see few of us who are full of potential, full of talent and yet too timid to go get what they want and exactly how they want it. This other half is also my inspiration, because I want them to have their game up, I wish them to throw all their doubts away in a bin and I wish them to eradicate all fears and people who ignite that fear in their lives.

I just want each one of us to achieve as much as we desire and be beyond belief.

I thank each one of you to be my inspiration.

Who is your inspiration?

Unconditional love~




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