Your cubicle crush

Dear lady bosses,

So, this is my first post on ‘her lavish hustle’, and if you know me, you’d also know how madly I am in love with whites, I am someone who love to style basics, sometimes with a pop of something bright, however, that totally depends on the weather, occasion and mood.




Bag: Mango | Shades: thrift | Watch: Mom’s.




IMG_3233 (1).jpg

Shoes: Online | Blazer: wearing a dress as a blazer by stalkbuylove | Cotton Pants: LYOS | Bodysuit: Ivy | Neckpiece: Dubai |


Photos: Ankit Arora

Don’t forget to be kind, powerful and loving.

Tell me if you like the post.


Keep reigning.



2 thoughts on “Your cubicle crush

  1. Hi Sonal

    Welcome to the world of elegance which has been accentuated by the graceful pictures.
    Whites are a fool proof passport into the world of glamour.
    Looking forward to a plethora of articles from your stable. …



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